Monday, 13 September 2010

Almost There.

My elder son started year 2 at his school a week or so ago, as the younger one went back to pre-school, and, I have to admit, I breathed a sigh of relief to have a child-free day last Monday for the first time in ages. But as the week went on (actually, after the first two days) I began to feel like I was missing my boys. And, to add to that, I began to see that this year at school may not be any better for J than the last. He still is struggling to find his feet, and his voice, and he seems scared of his teacher (because 'he shouts a lot'). I am beginning to see that, right now at least, my son and school do not seem to go well together. I am very close to making the decision to take him out and home educate him, even if only for a year or so.

What's holding me back? At the moment, I feel unprepared. I like to plan, to know what's coming in advance. So I need to do a bit more planning before we take the plunge. It's looking increasingly likely that we will (take the plunge) and I am excited!

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