Wednesday, 1 December 2010

24 Sleeps!!!

The boys couldn't believe it when they woke up to see their advent calendars up on the wall outside their bedroom. They hadn't a clue what day it is today - so it was lovely to witness their cheery smiles! Unfortunately, J was sick during the night last night, so I've got both boys at home with me today. We've had some fun though, constructing a Star Wars lego world in the middle of a giant train track. So far they've been surprisingly well behaved. Now they're settled on the sofa watching a Christmassy DVD (Max Lucado's Hermie: A Fruitcake Christmas) while I catch up with the online world.

The builders returned today after a two-day snow-induced hiatus, to carry on with the groundworks for our new conservatory. Still hoping it'll be done by Christmas. Watch this space!

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