Friday, 17 December 2010

So Proud!

I had a very proud moment this evening, when my elder son, James, who is six, sat with me as we read together from C. S Lewis's The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, one of my favourite children's books and one that I have been secretly waiting to read with him since before he was born (I still have my box set of the Chronicles of Narnia books from my own childhood). I read the first few chapters to him, and then he took over and read almost a whole chapter aloud by himself. Having previously only read to me a few pages at a time of his school books or picture story books, it was lovely to hear him reading a much harder book, and to see his enthusiasm increase as he started to really get into the story. Almost brought a tear to my eye. Yes, I am a big softie.

Of course, it's even more special given the significance of the story's meaning and the fact that we have been having some important conversations about God, Jesus and faith recently as we have talked about the Christmas story. It's been heart-warming for me to be able to answer some of James's questions and to see him begin to make sense of some of the things we believe and try to live by. So I can't wait to continue reading these stories with James and talking some more about what they might mean.

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  1. Congratulations to James! That is quite a book to read at six!
    I had forgotten that I also have the Chronicles of Narnia. I think I need to pull it off the shelf and read it with the kids!
    They would love it, just as I do.

    Thanks for the reminder!
    (I'm a big softy too)